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Our Horses and Students;

This page is to acknowledge the horses and students at Tick Nock Farm, both present and past.


TB Gelding. 16.5 hands.  Owned by Maria

Maria has learned so much from Joey and she has worked really hard on her dressage with him.  Joey is very talented and athletic.  Maria is currently working first and second level dressage and we are hoping to go to some shows in 2012.  Stay tuned for a more current photo.  Joey is an OTTB!  At Tick Nock Farm we love to work with and retrain ex race horses.  These horses are the most generous, big hearted fellows you can meet.  We are honored to have such a nice, talented horse in our stable.  Maria takes her riding very seriously.  She even rides in the dark while her mom warms her feet near the fire pit.


Rounder is in an all around good guy.  He has competed at prelim in eventing.  Which is awesome.  Angelica took him to dressage shows and took many jumping lessons on him.  And now, in his late 20's, Samantha is barrel racing him.  Rounder is one of the best horse of all time.  He is an appendix quarter horse.  I love those appendix!!!  He still giving some lunge lessons as well.  He is a trooper.


POA gelding. 15 years old. 12.2 hands

Domino is now owned and loved by Chandra.  She has set some jumping goals on him.

He is a beautiful black pony with a star, white hind socks and spots on his rump. 

Domino has been giving lessons and challenging his riders at Tick Nock Farm for about 12 years.

Angelica and Samantha have both shown him at dressage and jumper shows and at horse trials.


Irish Draft Cross. 4 years old.  15 hands and growing.    

Conor is our newest addition.  He belongs to Sarah.  Conor is just a youngster and Sarah is training him.  We already know he is very intelligent and he likes to play with EVERYTHING!


Shay is not a horse.  But we love her as much as we love our horses.  She is my daughter figure, and she is a sister figure to my kids.  She has been riding with us since we met her at a 4-H meeting when she was about 10 years old.  She is an amazingly dedicated horse woman, a hard working barn hand and an all around extraordinary person and we love her.  Shay is currently attending New Mexico State University and loving life with her hubby Justin and her horse Moose.


Angelica is also a human in the barn.  She has not ridden with us for a couple of years but she was very important to us.  She started riding here when she was just 7 years old.  She is a very talented person.  She is an amazing rider and an equally amazing artist.  The images on this website that are not photographs were drawn by her.  She was Rounders former owner, and she currently owns Corey S Blurr and Bullet.  Jelly is currently self employed as  a commissioned artist.  Angelica played a key part in
Domino's training over fences.  She worked long and hard to get him ready for his first jumper show.  She did an amazing job.


Corrina is Rusty's person.  Rusty and Corrina have been taking lessons for  a little over a year.  They are currently working on honing their barrel racing skills so they can go to competitions.  Corrina is also a very active 4-H member, and she plays basketball.  She is a future New Mexico State University student.